Pop Smoke & 21 Savage - More Time Lyrics

More Time Lyrics by Pop Smoke is a New English song from the album 'Faith' sung by Pop Smoke & 21 Savage. Lyrics of this song are written by 21 Savage & Pop Smoke. 

Pop Smoke & 21 Savage - More Time Lyrics

More Time Lyrics

Oh, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah
Keep the intro
Oh, my boy, you already know

More time
Melly and D-Nice still in the cage, more time
That ain't gon' stop us from getting paid, more time
Certain things ain't never gonna change
Never speak to them guys without your lawyer 'cause they giving more time
Amazed that I put 'em on, it take more time
A lot of n*ggas can't heal through the pain more time
I'm a hard animal to tame, show
Saw my son killer sitting on the train, give a n*gga more time

If my mans down, n*gga, I up and get 'em
Max Payne, I'm doing TECs and Berettas
Never trust a boy, it's always a setup
If I see an opp, I bet I'ma wet 'em
New speed up, bet I change up the level
Make it rain, I bet I change up the weather
To walk through, I need twenty five and better
Old hundreds, have 'em sticking together
Louis V and Amiri the denim
My mans up top rocking Gucci sweaters
Red bottoms, Rollies in the pen
Pinky ring Cartier lens
Ride around big body Benz
Blacked out, all you see is tints
See, me, I ain't worried 'bout men
Act up, get a shot to your chin
Hollow tips got (?)
Guest straight but my brother at eight
Catch a body then I'm back in the cave
If you don't got a body, you can't relate
If you don't bang, you can't get in the car
Big woo, know I'm shooting them stars
Mama begging me to pray to Allah
Walk in the mall, n*ggas know who we are
Forty-one millimeter plain jane
N*ggas get locked up, start naming names
P*ssy n*gga, get the f*ck out my way
Mom, sorry, I'm just stuck in my ways
Hello, Glock came out the reach, it's (?)
I like my b*tch Spanish, she yellow
Her as* fat, feel like Jello
She said she want Chane-ne
Pop Smoke on the TV
I did fifteen on my check-ins
She said she didn't believe me
Until I pulled up in a foreign
And I cashed out on a TD
Snowman like Jeezy
VS, I'm freezing
Red bottoms, I'm bleeding
Louboutin when I'm stepping
Stone-cold what I'm repping
Big 48 for the weapon
Man down, check the scoreboard
I'm a bulldog with this .44
Break legs like (?)
And I break legs like (?) grrt

Song Details
Singer : Pop Smoke, 21 Savage
Album : Faith
Lyrics : Pop Smoke, 21 Savage
Release Date : 16/07/2021

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