DAVE - LAZARUS Lyrics (ft. BOJ)

Lazarus Lyrics by Dave is a Latest English song from the album "We're All Alone In This Together" sung by British singer Dave featuring BOJ. Lyrics of this song are written by BOJ & Dave and music also produced by Dave. 

DAVE - LAZARUS Lyrics (ft. BOJ)

Lazarus Lyrics


Anyone weapon formed against me can't prosper
Imposter, I'ma fill 'em with lead
My best friend like Tommy Lee Sparta
I'm in the Gaza just tryna get bread
The Chinese wanna take away Naija
Most of my people, they struggle in stress
Political corruption
I rise up until there ain't a government left
Cost to be the boss
Even though I'm financed, the man couldn't afford it
Fifteen, mummy found my shank
And I nearly got shipped, I was gonna do boardin'
I had a one lightie from Pecks
And a ten-ten Europa babe from Shoreditch
If you got a body like Uche, text me and I'ma pay your father's mortgage
Listen, I'ma pay your uncle's rent
And if rap don't pay then we would have been getting it off of crack cocaine
I don't know how man could chat so brave
Little nigga, you ain't bad, no way
I think me, women, and Italian shoes
Work well together like Maggi and cube
Pretty in pink but she badder in blue
If you were me, you'd be arrogant too

No enemy can curse me
Bad energy I give back to the sender
My life blessed as my (?) Lagos
I gotta go back in December
Club full of girls, I'm tipsy
A brownie one wanna whine on me and kiss me
How she make it clap is a mystery
I see her pastor, I said, "Jesu Kristi"
I see a man say Christ of Nazareth
I yell, "Ay, your pum pum so fabulous"
First round, I thought I was dead but
It brought man back like Lazarus
The way she back up the somethin' and just—ooh, park it
You don't need mirrors and cameras
I've been getting money in from long time
The first rack that he made was lamina

I need my music right now, come on, man
Where is the f*cking music? (I-I—)

Song Details
Singer : Dave, BOJ
Album : We're All Alone In This Together
Lyrics : BOJ, Dave
Music : Dave
Release Date : 23/07/2021

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