Tyler, The Creator - LUMBERJACK Lyrics

Lumberjack Lyrics by Tyler is a latest English song sung by American Rapper Tyler, The Creator. Lyrics of this song are written by RZA, Prince Paul & Tyler, The Creator while music produced by Tyler, The Creator. 


Rolls royce pull up
Black boy hop out
Shoutout to my mother
And my father didn’t
Hold up

Oh my god I never seen nothing
Like this
Haha that’s what my mom was saying
She she was crying and shit
It was she was just like this shit is beautiful
It was a beautiful moment

You always keep the picnic
Blankets in the back
‘cuz you you never
Know gangsta grillz
You never know where
The f*ck you gon’ end up at
Okay haha let’s go

Now we ready

Rollsroyce pull up
Black boy hop out
Shoutout to my mother
And my father didn’t pull out

Msg sell out f*ck
These n*ggas yap about
Whips on whips
My ancestors got
They backs out yeah oh
2 4 5 hundred stacks for
The hood I dare you n*gga

Call me lumbеrjack ‘cuz
I wish a n*gga would race uhuh right
She wеnt like ah this
The wishaniggacould face uh
They ain’t gettin’ paper
Like they should wait
You n*ggas woulda coulda
Should a oh shit

N*ggas ain’t really on
The type of shit he on
I hit drizzy and told him
I had a milli’ for him oh shit
I own my companies full told
‘em to keep the loan

I took the gold b*tch
Home ni**as was
Big mad ugh oh shit
I put that b*tch on
The shelf to let it ventilate

And bought another car
‘cuz I ain’t know how to celebrate
Top shelf n*gga
That big boy that big b*tch
For all weather
It never rain in cali’ came
With an umbrella ooh

Rollsroyce pull up
Black boy hop out man
What the f*ck
Shoutout to my mother
And my father didn’t pull out

Msg sell out f*ck
These n*ggas yap about sold out
Good credit score this card
Really can’t max out wow

2 4 5 hundred stacks for the hood
Call me lumberjack
‘cuz I wish a nzgga would race uhuh
N*gga this the face man
I wish a ni**a it’s the face
It’s different it’s really different
Catch up n*ggas

Ayo I might sled in utah la too warm
My n*gga tall look like a b*tch
I call him mulan hey oh

Salad colored emerald on finger
The size of croutons
N*ggas cannot f*ck with the form of true magic
Oh new wand n*gga

That’s my nuance used to be the weirdo ahh
Used to laugh at me listen to me
With their ears closed
Used to treat me like that boy from
Malcolm in the middle
Why I’m motherf*kin’ rich
Now I’m zero zero zero zero zero zero not six

Rollsroyce pull up zeros
Black boy hop out not seven
Nah I can’t take this shit no more man I quit
That’s it I quit I swear to god n*gga
F*ck n*ggas is talking to me about

Quality wednesday music
Wishaniggacould face
All storms is cloudy n*gga
Ohh yeah you asked for it
F*cking crumbs wishaniggawould face
F*ck you mean n*gga

Song Details
Album : Call Me If You Get Lost
Lyrics : Prince Paul, RZA & 
              Tyler, The Creator
Music : Tyler, The Creator

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