ED SHEERAN - Bad Habits (Guitar Chords)

Bad Habits (Guitar Chords) by Ed Sheeran is a new English song sung by popular English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Lyrics of this song are written by Johnny McDaid, Ed Sheeran & Fred again.. and music also produced by them and music video directed by Dave Meyers. 

Here is the easy to play guitar chord of this new song. 

ED SHEERAN - Bad Habits (Guitar Chords)

Bad Habits (Guitar Chords)

Chords : Bm, A, Em

(Bm) Every Time You Come (A) around you know i can’t say (Em) no
(Bm) Every Time the sun (A) goes down i let you take (Em) control
(Bm) And tonight I had (A) something wonder(Em)ful

My bad (Bm) habits sleep late at (A) night sitting (Em) alone
(Bm) conversations with a (A) stranger i barely (Em) know
swearing (Bm) this will be the (A) last but it probably (Em) won’t
I got (Bm) nothing left to (A) lose, or use , or (Em) do
My bad (Bm) habits lead to wide (A) eyes staring at (Em) space
And I know (Bm) I’ll lose control (A) of the things that I (Em) say

(Bm) People on the (A) street I don’t can’t help (Em) frown
Simple beat (Bm) baby yeah you know (A) who wears the (Em) crown
(Bm) Staying up late (A) waiting for you to come (Em) around
(Bm) Around my head (A) like a star can’t be (Em) found

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