Young M.A - Don Diva Lyrics (ft. Rubi Rose)

Don Diva Lyrics by Young M.A is a new song from the latest album 'Off the Yak' sung by rapper Young M.A & Rubi Rose while lyrics of this song also written by them. 

Don Diva Lyrics

Hey, shawty thick, you know what I mean? Ah-ah
Let me show you what's up mama?
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Little cutie-o with the booty, yo
She like to do her, I said, Do me though
Lil' bougie hoe
I told her I'm a Big Dog like I'm Scooby though
And I keep a Glock 'cause it get spooky though (Grr)
I don't know that lame bitch I'm like, "Who the hoe?" (Who that?)
Big ice VV's, just call me Coolio (Ooh, ooh)
The Big Don, 1942, Julio (Uh, uh)
First I beat a nigga up then beat the coochie though (Ooh, ooh)
Big drip Louie though (Ooh)
Yeah, she bad, but she Gucci though (Okay)
I could make that pussy sing like the studio (Yeah, uh)
Sing it to me, baby (Sing it to me, ayy)
I'm tryna Uber Eat the p**sy, bring it to me, baby (Bring it to me, baby, Yeah, Rubi, yeah)

Yeah, it's Rubi, baby (Rubi, yeah)
I'm tryna f*** you with this mask like a goonie, baby (Uh, uh)
Know you bumpin' all my tunes like a looney, baby
I'm a bougie bitch, can't treat me like a groupie, baby (I ain't no groupie, baby)
You a extra ass nigga, you be at all my shows (All of 'em)
I switch up my n*ggas like I switch up my flows (Switch)
Fly me out to France, french tips on my toes (Ride)
Ride around like a boss (Yeah), Rubi Rose in that Rolls (Yeah)
I'ma bad bitch (Yeah), I ain't no Busta Rhymes
Touch it, you can have it
This my new whip I pulled up in a carriage (Skrr, skrr)
VV's bustin' on my neck look like carrots (Okay, okay)
F*** you like a rabbit (Okay, okay)
'Cause love ain't no habit, no

If she bad I already had it (Mm-hmm)
Ain't no need to get the pistol, I'm already packin' (Grr)
Slim John, but she carryin' a paddywagon (Ooh)
She from the A, I said, What's good, she said, "What's hattnin', hattnin'?" (What's hattnin', hattnin'?)
Oh, you lit? She said, Yeah and that's the Patek flashin' (Okay)
Ooh, I love the way you talk shit (Okay)
I love the way your attitude is on some boss shit (Okay)
80K for the Cubans, but that don't cost shit (It don't cost shit)
'Cause I'm a big dog (Big dog)
Hoes can't tell me shit, I wear the big drawers (Wear the big drawers)
Shoot this rocket make a p*** nigga lift-off (Lift-off)
She a hottie little mami, but her wrist froze (Ooh)
Got 'em pissed off, ooh

Hard-headed, but my lips soft (Mwah)
Hatin' hoes, you the type to make his d**k soft (Yeah)
chick, help him get his bricks off
Two-tone AP, show my wrist off (Ice)
Why he blowin' up my phone? I be blowin' bands (I be blowin' bands)
Both hands full of bands, ain't no holdin' hands (B*tch)
I don't even want the nigga, come get your man
I just made six figures on my only fans
Ooh, he love the way I talk shit (He love that shit)
He love the way my attitude is on some boss shit (Boss shit)
Hunnid for the AP that don't cost shit (I'm rich, b*tch)
'Cause I'm the Big Diva
A n*gga can't tell me shit and a bitch either (Nah)
My purse hold the big bands and a little Nina (Okay)
I'm a hottie little mami, but the wrist freezin'

F*** your man, he a dick eater (Yeah, hoe)
You be cheatin', I be cheatin' but I'm the big cheater (I'm a hoe)
The big cat, the big racks make 'em sick fever (Ugh, ugh, ugh)
All black 'Vetty, pull up like the grim reaper (Skrr)
Blowin' loud packs, stinkin' like a gym sneaker
Ooh, 'cause I be smokin' dope shit
We in the back of that back doin' grown shit (Ooh)
She a boss, but in bed she do that hoe shit
I be like, Ooh, ooh, oh shit (Oh shit)
She a big freak (Big freak )
But I'ma fuck her, then I'm dippin' like a six piece (6)
Feelings on decrease, bank account on increase (Okay)
B****, please (Ooh)

Song Details
Singer : Young M.A, Rubi Rose
Album : Off the Yak'
Lyrics : Rubi Rose, Young M.A

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