Young M.A - Henny'd Up Lyrics

presenting the lyrics of the song Henny'd Up sung by American rapper Young M.A from the album 'Off The Yak'. 

Henny'd Up Lyrics

Soooo, wooo
I'm tryna switch it up on niggas
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ayy
I think I need some Henny, man, no cap
Ayy, ayy

Man, I'm Henny'd up, Styrofoam
Call this bitch my sippy cup (Ooh, ooh)
High as shit, pissy drunk
Prolly fuck my kidneys up (Yeah, yeah)
I'm Fendi'd down, Fendi'd up (Big drip)
The money callin', it just hit me up like, "Pick me up" (Hello baby) Ayy, hello baby
I go crazy, no, I go brazy (Soooo, wooo)
This a 'Vetty, no Mercedes
And a forty, I go eighty
I don't need a wifey, I been hoein' lately (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
I just want the p*ssy, can't get to know me, baby
Ayy, uh (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Yes, I'm gettin' bitches (Ooh), never trickin' (Ooh)
Yes, I'm rich but penny pinchin' (Uh-huh), Henny sippin' (Uh-huh)
In the cut like stitches, damn, but still I'm mentioned (Uh-huh)
I could never save a hoe, that's probably why I've been a villain (The Big Villain)
Can't fuck with these fake niggas, that's probably why I've been the realest, ayy (The Big Realest)
I be all around the world, and still be in the trenches (Still in the trenches)
I be all around your girl, and still ain't catch no feelings
Ooh, just drop the top on 'em
Stretch the ceilin' (Big foreign)
My bank account, I can flex the millions (Big M's)
Call it flex appealin'
And I got s*x appealin', p***y

I go brazy (Brazy, brazy)
I go brazy (I go brazy)
I go brazy, I go brazy
I go brazy, I go brazy

Prada drip, hide your b*tch
Hello baby (Hello baby), got your bitch
AP (Ooh), Bugatti bezel (Ooh)
F*** around and blind the bitch (Blind the b*tch)
Damn, why I went and spent a hunnid bands on this jewelry? (Why I did that?)
And why every time I hit the club, I gotta make a movie? (I had to that)
Yak' got me feelin' woozy (Ooh), Draco same size as Lil' Uzi (Grr)
So don't ever think that shit amusin' (Baow, baow, baow)
Told her, Don't fall in love with me baby, I'm so confusin (Don't do that)
Plus I got mood swings (Who that?), I only love two things (Yeah)
That's my money and my momma (Ooh)
I'm a boss (Ooh), Don Dada (Ooh)
Got them chops (Ooh) with the sticks (Ooh), closet look like Benihana (Ooh)
Got another hater hatin' on me, told the p*ssy nigga, Line up (Line up)
I could build a mountain with my money 
Now watch me climb up (Watch that)

I go brazy (Brazy, brazy)
I go brazy (I go brazy)
I go brazy, I go brazy
I go brazy, I go brazy 

Henny'd Up Song Details
Singer : Young M.A
Album : Off The Yak

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