JUN (Seventeen) - Fall In Love Lyrics

Fall In Love Lyrics by JUN is a new song sung by South Korean boy band 'Seventeen' member 'JUN' while lyrics of this song also written by him. 

Fall In Love Lyrics

[English Translation] 

Hey girl, the stars radiate charm
It's spinning and burning in my head

Hey girl, I don't understand the night
Why did you fill in the blanks?

Maybe it's love
Looking forward to the future
It's like living a dream and never waking up

Wandering about it endlessly
Waiting in this place
Will you understand?

My heart leaps into the sea
Falling deeper with great force
Running out of time

Looks like fate's best bet

Leaping over a sea of people
Don't hesitate, don't wander, don't ran away, 
You're my expectation

In a sea of people,
There's nothing I want more than holding you tight in my arms

I don't know, I don't know
I want you so bad
Falling into your tender heart

You are my everything, girl

Song Details
Singer : JUN
Lyrics : JUN
Release Date : 20/05/2021

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