Jorja Smith - Time Lyrics

Time Lyrics by Jorja Smith is a new English song from the album 'Be Right Back' sung by English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith. 

Jorja Smith - Time Lyrics

Time Lyrics

Come right away, you can take me out
You can ride this wave, I can show you now
I'm right here and I might be a real girl
I'll take you on a trip, I'll take you out this world
No, I'm not here to hug you, I'm just for the night
No, I'm not here to love you, I'm not here to fight
Don't wanna be blamed for any drama
Don't wanna be here just to pick up all this karma
So I'm allowed to love you if I wanted too
I can't be asked to trust, so why should I ever need to?
It's mutual, if you want it, then I'm in for you
If you need it, I'll probably need it too
So, come right away, you can take me out

So take your time
Take a little time
I'm just coming out
Of a snow fight now
I just wanna have fun
I don't wanna settle down with you
Come on 'round
Tell me 'bout your day
I can see if I can tend to you
Hold me down
Stay your ground

What's your name, Bejoice?
Bejoice, as in like rejoice, but Bejoice
Who gave you that?
Who gave you Bejoice?
That's how it is (?)
Yeah, I know
We all have pet name
What's my pet name?
You don't have any

Song Info
Singer : Jorja Smith
Album : Be Right Back

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