DVWN - Mirror Lyrics (English Translation)

Mirror Lyrics by Dvwn is a Korean song from the album 'It's Not Your Fault' sung by Dvwn while lyrics of this song also written by him and music produced by Jaw. 

DVWN - Mirror Lyrics (English Translation)

Mirror Lyrics


물때 묻은
거울에 비친 내 모습이 꼭
마지막 네 얼굴을
닮아있어서 나 울어버렸어

젖어 버린
사랑은 다시 타버릴 틈 없고
불어 터진
내 마음은 또
누군가를 울릴 뿐인 걸요

아 아
나 어떡해

가지 마

슬프도록 선명한 네
모습만 내게 스몄네

나의 밤
나의 방

낯선 향이 섞인
나의 품 그 속엔
가녀린 울음소리만 남았네

나를 보던 너의
모습이 슬퍼


너를 닮아있는
내 모습을 보면
차라리 사랑을 모를 때가
좋았나 싶어

[English Translation] 

The water-stained reflection of myself in the mirror
Is exactly like the last expression I saw in you
I cried because of the resemblance

This soaked and discarded love has no chance of burning again
My heart is bursting again
I'm just making someone cry

What should I do?
Don't go
But sadly and clearly, yes
You passed your expression onto me

During my night, in my room
There's a mixture of unfamiliar scents on my arms
Only faint cries remain

I'm sad to see your expression looking at me
But, but when I see mysеlf resembling you
I think it would've been bеtter to not know what love is



Song Credit
Singer : Dvwn
Album : It's Not Your Fault
Lyrics : Dvwn
Music : Jaw

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