BOLLYWOOD PARTY Lyrics - Loka & Jay Kila

Bollywood Party Lyrics by Loka is a new Hindi song sung by Loka & Jay Kila while lyrics also written by them and music produced by Tony James & Aakash. 

Bollywood Party Lyrics

Yo Jay!
Masti Nahi Bhai Se

Aakash kaha hai?

It's a bollywood party I'ma call Amitabh
Tell him we gon get it poppin' 
It's a bollywood party I'ma call Alia
Stay up til 6 in the morning
It's a bollywood party
(It's a bollywood party)
It's a bollywood party

It's a bollywood party we gon make a movie
Tell your girl I'm sorry I been acting bougie
Young George Clooney, or maybe Amir Khan
I do my own stunts and production
I'm hanging out with Deepika - maal hai kya?
I mean I need a cigarette so I can roll up
I'm just to fly please adjust your tie
Kabhi khushi kabhi gham but I'm always high
And this one for my people who been stacking up they funds
Tell me what's the scene? Lights camera action
We gon do it big we gon get it poppin' 
Playin' ludo young Abhishek Bachchan

Yeh humari pawri okay now I'm joking
But I'm here with Loka its okra we smoking
Took a couple of shots 'bout to leave the spot
This is why this is why this is why I'm hot

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Song Details
Song : Bollywood Party
Singer : Loka, Jay Kila
Lyrics : Loka, Jay Kila
Music : Aakash, Tony James

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