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Tyga - Ibiza Lyrics

Ibiza Lyrics by Tyga is a latest english song sung by Tyga.

Ibiza song release on 26th June 2020, on the music label of Tyga

IBIZA  Lyrics - Tyga

Mustard on the beat ho

Popped the molly, I'm flexing, wo, woo
Come and meet me, I'm ready, wo, woo
Ay, I just walked off the jetty, (jetty) 
Ay, VVS on Baguetti (big ice)
I, I, got, clout & I-Ieverage (Leverage)
My bitch got face of
Ass shaped like a planet
In turks and caico, she tanning (ayy)

I didn't plan this, everythin' organic (yeah)
I just paid a quarter for a bag, they don't panic, woo
Fly across Atlantic and I'm eating fancy
Sitting at home, know you niggas can't stand me, haha
I'm facetime and your bitch getting nasty
Tell the driver slow down, fuck her in the backseat, (fuck it)
She say, where you going? And I tell her, don't ask me (no)
Cause I fall in love every time a bitch pass me

I'm super turnt, i can't pick up
Popped a molly let's link up (link up)
Ay, we throw party like Ibiza 
Ay, that's your bitch? You can keep her
She wanna be mine, she tell me 'Go deeper' (deeper)
Got my respect like?
Yeh, I had too much tequila (tequila)
Uh, bad bitches, let's link up (link up)

Ibiza (Ibiza) 
We throw party like Ibiza (Ibiza)
Ibiza (Ibiza)
Bad bitches, let's link up

Yeah, I get standing ovations, wo, woo
I got all these bitches shakin', wo, woo
Ay, we gon' smoke like Jamsican 
If she sitting on my lap, don't break it (ayy)

And that ring on your finger, that's a nice sight (nice sight)
If she wanna be loyal, tell her 'that's fine (that's fine)
She got me working overtime

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